InChange AS was established to help organizations get the expected outcome of their digital investments and help organizations to get employees to adapt to new ways of working

Positive change

To survive in an industry where your organization is constantly challenged by changes in customer expectations and changes in the marketplace force us to think differently. InChange using Appreciative inquiry tools in combination with a framework developed by Prosci to help you capitalize on the knowledge that resides in your organization to identify what is already working and what you can do to improve these operations further.

Where other consulting firm looking for problems, InChange is looking for new possibilities. The tools and methods InChange is using have proved to increase employee engagement and thereby drive change in a way your employees want to be part of.



Enterprise change management

We are living in a time of great change. Bigger change. Faster change. More complex change. More cross-functional change. More multi-disciplinary change. This requires that an organization shifts its´focus from individual projects to a holistic approach to change. A holistic approach assumes that time, energy and resources are invested in building expertise across the organization. The goal is to build the foundation for successful change by increasing organizational maturity and grow the organizational agility.

InChange ECM services support your organizations with undertaking major change initiatives to transform your organizations´ operational capabilities to adjust to new market realities.

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Change readiness

Change readiness is the ability to continuously initiate and respond to change in ways that create advantage, minimize risk, and sustain performance.

Too many organizations starts their projects without having assessed the change itself; scope, depth and overall size of the change. In many cases they have little knowledge of the change will be easy or difficult to realize

InChange helps your organizations assess the change, ongoing concerns and assess commitment for the change so necessary actions can be identified and planned.

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Change management coaching

Today’s organizations are faced with increasingly rapid changes in technology, customer demands, and the competitive landscape. To sustain growth, weather various economic conditions, and achieve better organizational results, businesses must undergo change. During change initiatives, it is important for organizations to recognize that their managers are facing different challenges depending on their individual experience and abilities.

InChange works side by side with business leaders to bring about desired change in an organization. During the implementation, our change coaching gives managers the individual support they need.

Three questions that InChange can help you with:

Why transform?

What to transform?

How to transform?

Success factor in digital business transformation

Success at large-scale or smaller transformation demands more than the best strategic and tactical plans. It requires an intimate understanding of the human side, as well — the company’s culture, values, people, and behaviors that must be changed to deliver the desired results.

The challenge in digital transformation

To achieve business goals defined for your digital initiatives your organization must have the ability to deliver results on multiple changes.